How Sponsorship Works

Below we outline the benefits per level of each sponsorship. If you are interested please hit the button at the bottom of this section to be taken to our sponsorship form so we can speak to you in more detail.

What does sponsorship do and why is it needed?

Every year our average costs add up to $10,000 just to have a very basic robot. Most Veteran teams have a budget of $40,000 - $60,000 each year. Some teams charge the students $1000 or more to be on the team. We do not believe in this method since it takes the oppurtunity away from students that wouldn't otherwise be able to learn about STEM. Instead we rely on Corporate and private sponsorships to fund the team.

We do various fundraisers in addition to sponsorship but there are other perks to sponsorship that fundraising does nto provide. For example when we reach out for sponsorship to local businesses it builds a relatiosnhip between the students and that business. In some cases sponsors will actually help mentor the team and assist in building the robot or providing custom parts or even provide catering for a meeting. It gives businesses advertising at our compeetitions and in our school. It also gives businesses and inside track with our students when they graduate.