Off Season Projects

Since the robotics season is only from Jan - April we for a long time took the other 8 months off. However starting in 2015 that all changed. Now we meet year round doing various field trips with industry professionals, teaching summer camp classes, doing seminars with other local teams or even just having student leadership undergo additional training to better lead the team.

After School Middle School Program

Utilizing the VEX EDR kits we prep 6th-8th grader for High School robotics using full metal kits on a smaller scale. This year they will be competing in Vex Swept Away. The students using a variety of sensors awill also complete various challenges such as line following, distance sensing, manipulator programming and more. Email us to learn more!

Bot Talk - Weekly Vodcast

Inspired by Robozone, we are launching our new FRC weekly talkshow. Utilizing Twitch, Youtube Live, Discord and other tools we will recap the highlights of every week of build, competition or off season action! Click below to see our recorded episodes on youtube. (First episode airs 10/25)

L'Anse Creuse Public Schools Technology Camps

In years past we have had students volunteer to help teach various topics. Some of those programs were Animation, Digital Photography, Game Making, Robotics and Multimedia Technology. We are working with school administartors to bring this program back! Stay tuned for more about this heading into the summer of 2018!

Demo Bots

Weve built 13+ demo robots over the course of our team history. Every year we try to build something new and unique to broaden our skill set and get ready for next years competition. On the right was a flag waving robot we made. It mostly just drove around at high speeds but it gave us a good practice bot to train drivers and new students. By clicking the button below you can visit the Chief Delphi forums to learn more about demo bot design from members of the FRC community!